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Audiovisual production specialized in the flow
Acquisition and distribution of cinematographic rights
Transformation and installation of flat glass
Consulting in civil engineering and construction
Temporary work for the electricity trades
Substitute sales force
Manufacture of packaging for food products
End-to-end pool management and online sales
Audiovisual production of animated programs
Printing of traditional and adhesive labels for the wine industry
Clip-on slabs for balconies and terraces
Import-export of connected objects for the B2B market
Web-to-store software publisher
Maintenance and distribution of rotating machinery
Charcuterie-caterer specializing in Alsatian gastronomy
Design and manufacture of molds and plastic parts
Consulting, integration and support of information systems
Packaging of products for 2 and 4 stroke engines
Development, production and distribution of series
Retail Wine and Spirits Distribution Network
Hotel chain under banners
Network of health and rest homes
Fresh cut of fruits and vegetables
Clinic of Care of Suite and Rehabilitation
Business Information and Client Position Management
Shutter design and assembly
Qualitative, quantitative marketing studies and financial expertise
Manufacture of joinery PVC, aluminum, wood and shutters
Digital solutions publishing and provider of corporate events and training
Design and distribution of licensed perfumes
Production, production of audiovisual works
Marketing BtoB by email
Home childcare agencies and micro-nurseries
Multi-technical maintenance
Advice on optimization and reduction of bank charges
Multimedia animation studio specialized in edutainment programs
Design and manufacture of medical equipment
Import and wholesale of seafood
Technical and legal expertise in the field of construction
Higher School of Advertising, Communication and Marketing
Technical distributor of equipment and tools for connectors
Design, development, manufacture and marketing of high-tech valves
Cloud computing specialist
Audiovisual production specialized in premium fiction
Incubator in the field of audiovisual formats
Special audiovisual production documentaries and fiction
Website of ads between individuals of shared rental
Manufacture of high-end wristwatches
Creation, manufacture and sale of skin jewelery and cosmetics
Manufacture of garage and industrial doors
Continuing and alternating training specializing in IT
Advice on optimization of social, fiscal and financial charges
Cutting and stamping of metal parts
Retail design, all finishing work, carpentry and locksmithing
Digital Services Company
Industrial cleaning
Middle Office Software Edition for Financial Markets
Work and Services Fire Safety in B2B
Organization of home music lessons
Specialist in the transformation of cardboard
Multi-specialist service provider
Real estate development of housing
Distribution of shoes and accessories for men
Footwear manufacturing and distribution
SSR (Soins de Suite et de Réadaptation) & MCO (Médecine Chirurgie Obstétrique)
Publisher of cybersecurity software solutions
Design and management of sports facilities in companies
Manufacture of special pallets for the transport and logistics of glass products
Specialist in sourcing, training and placement of computer consultants.
Laboratory for agri-food and environmental analyses
Home support
Advice for the reduction of energy consumption
Development of specialized computer software
Design and wholesale of equipment and technical tools for garages
Commercialization of construction equipment

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